Main Application & Registration Forms


Please read through all of this information

before attempting to apply to CFMG or register for an event. 

Failure to follow directions will result in the denial of your application!

Please note that the Application differs from event Registration Forms


This is your first step!

You are required to first apply for CFMG before registering for any specific events.

Once you have completed our application, you will not fill it out again. 

This application is a one time only requirement.

If you need to make changes after completing you application, such as information around your new BASSET license expiration date, availability, contact information, etc., you can email us directly at info@chicagofestivalmanagement.com and we will happily update your information.

After you complete your application you will be instructed to email a headshot to info@chicagofestivalmanagement.com.

Your application is considered incomplete until we receive this headshot.

Once your application is accepted, you'll be notified via email and you will be listed on our CFMG roster. You will receive email updates whenever registration forms are available for coming events. See below to learn about Registration forms.


Registration forms are individual to each event.

We will be posting these throughout the summer as we begin to staff for each event. These are short forms you will fill out each time you're interested in working an event and they will give us your availability and other important information we need. We will build our schedules around the information you give us in these registration forms, so please be accurate.

After registering for an event, please note the chosen dates on your calendar because if you register you will be working. There maybe some exceptions to this, but if you register, plan on being scheduled because you are committing to work!

Failure to show up for an event will be cause for immediate removal from CFMG.

Registration forms will be located below, directly beneath the button for the main application. If you have not filled out the main application at some point, you are required to complete that step before registering for events.

As mentioned above, you will only fill out the application ONE TIME, not every time you fill out a registration form for a new event.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Cubano Fest 2019