Required Certifications



Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education Training (BASSET)

You will be required to have your BASSET certification in order to work any CFMG events. Not only is this certification required by CFMG, but all of the Chicago area festivals will require this as well. This is NOT optional and you will need to have this certification card or certificate on you at all times while working these events.


Your certification must be valid. If you have previously taken the online (or in person) BASSET course please check your card/certificate for the expiration date and make sure it has not expired. These certifications are valid for three years. If you cannot find your card/certificate you can look your certification up online:



Anyone who needs to complete their certification (whether it’s the first time or you’ve had the certification in the past) will need to click the link below and complete the online training to become certified. This online class is boring and will take time. There are multiple websites where you can complete this training and they generally range from $10 to $30 for certification. You can often find coupon codes for these websites as well to get a better price. The links below should be the best options. Feel free to research websites on your own for a better deal, however, not all websites are reputable or recognized by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. We strongly suggest using one of the links below.



$13.99 and 10% coupon code: L2SAFF15

*Learn2Serve is our preferred course

BASSET Illinois



*We have not personally gone through this website for the certification course in the past, but it's another reputable option that looks to be even cheaper.