The RULE booK


You are required to read through this document, in full, to assist in understanding all of our rules & regulations. We provide this comprehensive list of information to ensure that we keep our team safe, we keep the event attendees safe, and we make money!

Please print the final page of the PDF, sign it, and bring it with you to your first event with CFMG.

(You may also sign the PDF digitally instead and email it to us at info@chicagofestivalmanagement.com)

Please see below for additional documents.

The RULE booK (pdf)


Document Downloads

Please look at the "SUGGESTED ITEMS CHECKLIST" for tips on what to bring with you!

We have also added blank I-9s and W-4s in case you need a copy for any events. Please refer to the Notices & Current Events tab for information on which, if either, of these forms are needed for each specific event. If they are not listed as required, you do not need to fill them out! Please do not fill these out and send them to us unless requested to do so.